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Regina Ambrose is the best in the business. If you are looking for a home and need an expert on your side, go with Regina! She is very knowledgeable in her field, her negotiating skills are very impressive, and she gets the job done right the first time. Regina was my agent when I purchase my first home in 2004. When my husband and I decided to purchase our second home earlier this year, (12 years later) there was absolutely NO guessing who our agent would be. Regina is the real deal when it comes to real estate, so if you want the best in the business, go with Regina!  Bridgette and Fran Robinso

“I got in contact with Regina Ambrose while browsing for homes when I was still in Colorado, planning my relocation to Atlanta. Her information came up on a home site I was browsing. I reached out to her and expressed my interest in possibly renting/buying a home. She was excellent with communication and updated listings throughout the process! After moving to Atlanta, I felt that I was not ready to purchase right away and decided to lease a home for the first year of my stay; she was extremely helpful in that process as well since I was not too familiar with the various areas and neighborhoods. In addition; she stayed in contact with me with listings so that I would have a good idea of where I wanted to purchase and what type of house. My son and I were very impressed with her professionalism in locating the right home for me and she truly cared about my individual needs and what would be best suited for me! I would just like to again thank Chapman Hall Realtors for having a wonderful individual like Regina Ambrose on staff. She is now not only my realtor for life but my friend as well!!!”  Jannette CW

We had the pleasure of working with Ms Regina over three years period conducting our home search. Her wealth of knowledge and experience was very valuable to us as we went through our home buying process. We would definitely work with her again and recommend her to family and friends.  Beatrice and Dare Olanihun

My husband and I work with Regina on both our purchase and sale transactions in 2016. She is very responsive and knowledgeable. She also holds the other side of the transaction accountable to ensure the deal goes smoothly. Not only is Regina a source of knowledge for her clients, she also is a source of knowledge for other agents. I saw her educate the other agent in both transactions. Additionally, she is there with you in the beginning through the close of the transaction. Sellers – you may be looking for low commissions, but we found these lower fees result in lower service. Regina strikes a balance with both reasonable commissions as well as great service and expertise. We recommend her highly to anyone looking to buy or sell in the Atlanta area!  Amanda and Josh Handlee

We are from Illinois and moved to Georgia with the great help from Regina. Back in December 2016 I was looking for houses and email to a few agents however Regina was the one who got in touch with me right away. We flew to Atlanta and we only have one week for vacation to look for a house. Everyday she found houses for us to check. Every night we keep in touch and search for houses. We’re lucky to find our dream house today before we went back to Illinois. When we bought the house she heled us to make sure all the paper went through the process accordingly and coordinated with the bank so we will close our house on time. Almost everyday we talk to each other because we want to move on time and also make sure all parties did their share. She was very nice and always ask if everything is ok and always willing to answer anytime. This is my third house and she is the best at real estate. She knows how to negotiate and pay attention to us. I would highly recommend to anybody. Vlypayia

Regina was referred to us and we are glad to use her service. She is very professional and always available to discuss any issues/questions we had. Regina always responds to email or phone calls within minutes of reaching out. She walked us through the home buying process as first time home buyers and advised/recommended great home inspectors to help ease our minds on any issues. Regina was definitely our advocate and asked questions we would not think of. We will definitely work with Regina again and will be recommending her to my family and friends when they venture into home buying/selling. Thank you Regina. Lola and Hakeem Bankole

I worked with Regina for months trying to get a house in the Parkview cluster. It was a frustrating time to be buying a house, they were being snapped up the same day they listed! She held my hand through the entire process. She is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect. Any questions I had regarding area, financing, schools, and knowing the right house and fit for her client. The houses were moving so fast, she could have sold me ten that i jumped at- but instead would bring me back down to earth and remind me what i listed as the things that i really wanted in my home. She made sure I held out until I found my perfect home- and she did it! I have a home that checked every box! She is so thorough, and made sure my house was perfect and move in ready! She asked and got things I would have never thought of. She stayed in constant contact and i never had call not returned or an email unanswered. Anyone would be lucky to have her on your side of the closing table. She really took care of me and my family. We are beyond happy. Thank you Regina!! Trena Thierry

Regina was my buying agent then my selling agent for the same house 3 years later. I was pleased each time. In years past, I had bought and sold 10 properties dealing with various agents. Regina is by far the best. Regina gets the job done with the least amount of client headaches. Dealing with lax / awful agents in the past makes me appreciate and realize the value in an excellent agent like Regina. During the buying process, Regina pointed things out about prospective houses which I had overlooked. This made a difference in whether I put in certain offers. Therefore, she saved me countless hours. Selling, she kept on the buyer’s agent ensuring they followed legalities and kept me in the loop when necessary. Closing with an acceptable deal and on time is priceless. Scott Montrief

Our experience with Regina Ambrose was outstandingly positive. She was recommended to us by friends and she not only met but surpassed our expectations. She was honest, dedicated, knowledgeable and clear. We feel that we found not only a realtor, but a friend in Regina. We knew that she had our best interest at heart, always looking out for our benefit. We were looking for a very specific type of home with acreage, a barn, and one that would be suitable for animals, yet our budget was considerably small. Regina drove long distances, worked late hours, every day until we found the perfect home. She always made sure we had paperwork in on a timely manner and she worked diligently to make us feel as if we were her only clients, when we know we were not. We highly recommend Regina Ambrose with no reservations. She is gifted in what she does, and her passion for helping and serving the client is evident as soon as you meet her. Cecilia and Roberto Botello

Regina Ambrose is the best agent we have had a chance to work with. She helped us find our first home. We were very picky and looked at so many houses and Regina was very patient with us till we found the right house for us. She is very caring and attentive to our needs providing us with plenty of information so we can make an educated decision. Regina is very thorough and she always makes sure that we get all the necessary information. She even guided us through every step from finding a good lender, to giving us tips on how to negotiate better rates and explained contract details. We already bought our 3rd home with Regina and the experience was always great!!! Helped me buy and sell homes Raminta Zebrauskas 

Ms. Regina Ambrose was recommended to me by a friend, and I want to do the same. She is sharp! This was my first home purchase, and after having been looking for a long long time with another agent, she had me in a house in two months. I’ll be honest, I knew nothing about buying process, I relied on her 100% for guidance, advice and negotiating skills. She was wonderful, patient, honest and with so much knowledge of the business. I most appreciated the times, when an issue came up, and she would effectively handle it for me with few phone calls and respond with solution immediately. Saved me so much time. She made it so easy and so effortless, for a moment made me think like I knew what I was doing. Hoping to do business with Ms. Regina again! Vita Dotson


We were in a pickled-pit. We had bought another house that needed more work than we anticipated so we had two mortgages to pay. Our home for sale wasn’t moving but we needed to get rid of that mortgage so that we could finish our home. We had a real estate agent, (my husband’s cousin) who was simply awful. I had to ask for signs for the yard, ask for signs at the street, and ask for where he would list, even for what we should list for. I was shocked at his advised price of $152,000. We signed anyway – he is family, surely he would help us do well, right? He had the listing for 5 months and maybe we had five people come by to see it. Three of those were from our own ad in the newspaper. It wasn’t getting any hits at all. What was wrong? We had a good house, so we thought that it was fairly priced. Our agent was simply lazy. He simply didn’t know how to sell a house. He simply didn’t care.

Regina Ambrose of Chapman Hall Realtors showed our home to one of her buyers and left her card. I was attracted to the 2% sales commission and called her. We figured we were not going to get in the same rut again. We interviewed about 8 -10 agents. This time we asked HOW DO YOU PLAN TO SELL THE HOUSE? WHAT SHOULD WE SELL IT FOR?

Most agents said that they’ve been in business blah, blah. They had ideas and list of homes that they sold – some were lousy, some were good. Regina had an outlined plan. It contained how long she has been doing this, where it would be marketed, and what brochures it would be sold through. She told us what buyers expect, what inspectors look for, she even advised us on the color of the rooms. All we had to do was take her advice. The first day we had a few lookers the second week we had a houseful. There were so many people in the house; I called to ask if the home had been on some kind of foreclosure listing. She assured us it was not. Nevertheless, it was as if we were selling the last house in the world because the offers never stopped. We even had one offer for $5,000 more than the asking price.

We had 7 offers, one buyer qualified all the way through and we closed for the asking price of $180,000. If you need someone to fight for you, you have to: GET AN AGENT WHO KNOWS THE GAME. Do not try this alone; it can be a daunting experience. We have learned so much but most of all, we now know that GREAT AND PROFESSIONAL AGENTS – they do exist.We think God was looking out for us because we had such a rotten experience buying our current home. When we bought our current home, all we got were lies and deception. We kick ourselves for trusting the entire real estate world. When we found Regina Ambrose, we got the exact opposite. Regina is a rare commodity; it would do the industry good if every agent had her integrity. Too bad, that is not the case. We were lucky to find her! Robert and Bobbi Francis.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my positive experiences with Regina! My husband and I interviewed several agents before deciding to list our home and buy another. Regina was the only agent that was honest about our chances of obtaining another mortgage at the time and gave us helpful feedback on preparing our home for sale. Fast forward 9 years…Regina has sold 2 of our homes and we have purchased 3 more with her as well. She is dedicated to her clients and not only ensures a smooth transaction, but also gave us an education on the process. Regina’s negotiation skills, knowledge, beautiful listing photos, and experience are unsurpassed! She goes above and beyond the requirements of agents to ensure an efficient process for her clients. I’ve referred Regina several times, and all other have been extremely satisfied with her service! I would recommend anyone in the market to call Regina Ambrose! Trish Garbuzova

I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for your assistance in finding me my dream home and at one of the lowest property rates in the subdivision. You went above and beyond the call of duty to help me relocate, get settled, search for homes, purchase a home, set up all my utilities, home insurance, and find a new banking institution and various other mandatory and required services. I am so grateful to you. I could not have purchased this home without your business assistance, knowledge and support. I would like you to forward this letter to Chapman Hall Realtors so that they are aware of just how delighted, appreciative, fulfilled and satisfied I am with your services as their broker. Regina Ambrose provided me total peace of mind. I want to make mention of her gallant efforts to Chapman Hall Realtors. As a result, thanks to Regina’s diligent efforts, dependability and expert knowledge of the real estate industry and her limitless willingness to go above and beyond her call of duty, I will be glad to recommend this company, and especially your services, to all of my friends, family and the many acquaintances I know back in Boston that are presently thinking about or considering selling their homes and relocating to Georgia and/or interested in purchasing as a first time home owner. I have also referred a dear friend to Regina already. He is very interested in a similar home that I have just purchased in Georgia. Jacqueline Mitchell

With the help of Regina Ambrose, I was able to sell my house for 2% commission, just as advertised. She provided honest, outstanding, top quality service from beginning to end. You are fortunate to have her on your staff. Through her tireless efforts, not only was I able to sell the house I was in, but also I was able to find the house of my dreams. Thanks, again, Regina for all your hard work! Beverly L. Payne

Over the years we have had occasion to move many times, always with great difficulty. The part of the moving process we look forward to the least was the process of selling our house. It never really goes smoothly, and there is always something that is forgotten that we must scramble around to acquire at the last minute. We are happy to report that Regina Ambrose has broken this dismal record. Not only did she sell our house in two weeks, but also finally achieved what we did not think possible, a smoothly executed, well organized sale. If we return to the Atlanta area we will seek out Regina because she is one person that we can trust to look after our best interests in one of life’s most complex transactions, the buying and selling of real estate. Simple stated, Regina is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with, and we were blessed to have met her! Jim & Denise Wilson

Realtor Regina Ambrose, Chapman Hall Realtors recently assisted us in the purchase of a home which we used Wells Fargo as our lender. Over the years we have had very mixed views of Wells Fargo although our current four mortgages are with that lender out of convenience to the sellers or their bank at the time. However, after the last purchase in May 2009, we waited months to respond to the Wells Fargo survey of its loan services to us because of the disappointments in customer service, staff professionalism and the overall poorly managed Wells Fargo operation in the North Georgia area. The loan and our own sense of civility was saved by our Realtor Regina Ambrose, Chapman Hall Realtors, who provided total professional service and coordination that surpassed any we have ever experienced out of the total nine mortgages we have closed in the past 26 years. Regina provided complete and thorough information, along with timely and informed responses as she researched difficult and unusual situations, including those not resolved or responded to by Wells Fargo. She challenged Wells Fargo managers regarding clarity of good faith documents, followed up and insisted on frequent and timely communications from Wells Fargo, and along with us, consistently reminded Wells Fargo managers of the failed customer service and lack of telephone, email or even written followup to urgrent inquiries. Regina was on hand at the closing and offered well informed advice and even assistance to the closing agent who did not have a complete file or refund check due to us. We are most thankful and appreciative to Ms. Ambrose and would recommend her to any and everyone seeking to purchase a home. She’s the best and brings great credit to her profession. Nancy & William Wright

I would like to thank Regina Ambrose for the outstanding services that she provided to our family. Regina was stellar representation for your company and we will continue to tell all of our friends and family how outstanding our experience was with your company! Michele & Mike Lazenby

If there is one word that explains better than excellent then that is you! Thanks again my hard working honest friend. Shelton & Beverly Powe, Jr.

Thanks for your hard work and service. We have listed many homes in the past with other Realtors and this has by far been the best service provided. Gail Fokine

We are so happy with our new home! You have been patient and such a wonderful agent, educating us through the whole process and saving us so much money. We learned so much from you! We have already referred you to our friends and will continue to do so. You are the best! Cheryl & Marty Phillips

We are first-time home buyers and we learned a lot from Regina. She is very patient and responsive. Whenever we had questions and needed information, she responded promptly. I will be recommended Regina to other buyers. Aijun Wang

Dear Prospective Client of Regina Ambrose, My husband Dennis and I want to recommend Regina Ambrose without reservation for all of your Real Estate needs. Regina is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market, an indispensable trait in today’s quirky market, offers prompt service and works what seems to be 24/7. If you send an email to Regina, no matter what time of the day or night, Regina is back with you in about 10 minutes. My husband and I just recently completed a real estate business transaction with Regina and couldn’t be more satisfied.

Along with excellence in service, you will get an expedited crash course in the more important aspects of the real estate business, whether buying, selling or renting, and in the geographical area where you are trying to complete your transaction. Regina is committed to make you knowledgeable enough, so there are no surprises when the time comes to close your transaction. Sometimes Regina will play devil’s advocate to help you understand the mindset behind the lending institutions and brokers, and why what seems perfectly sensible to you may not have a chance to pass in their views. The free education enables you to align your intentions with your actions to help the deal come to a mutually satisfactory resolution. Finally Regina is funny, engaging and a great listener. We highly recommend Regina Ambrose to anyone looking for a highly effective and reliable real estate agent effective for today’s market. Dennis and Victoria Webbert

Regina worked tireless with us to find the home we needed. We looked from one end of Atlanta to the other over a period of 4 months, made many offers, and finally found the perfect home in a nice neighborhood at the right price. Regina understood our many needs and our budget and worked with both. We not only found a great realtor but a really good friend. Pat Rimmer

Very knowledgeable & Alway Available. Regina Ambrose is the best! She educated and mentor me through the whole process of buying a home and always thought of my best interest. Whenever I needed her to show homes and advice she was always there for me. I already refer her to several buyers. Yvette Green

Just a quick not to say how much Melainie and I, appreciate the help you provided her parents in their search for a new home. Rest assured that we will send you any new clients we run across needing real estate assistance. Thanks again! Stephen Vaughan

In my opinion, she is the epitome of what a buyer’s agent should be. I am so very thankful that I was referred to her. I appreciate her expertise and professionalism throughout my entire home buying process. Not only did I get a house that I love, I also walked away with a wealth of information that I learned by observing Regina in action. Sherryne Cross

Regina, you are awesome; many thanks again for everything! You need to give me a stack of your cards! Lauren Blankenship

Regina was amazing! She was always available and attentive to my needs as a first time home buyer. She answered every question thoroughly and offered knowledge and guidance every step of the way. I truly felt that she had my best interest at heart and her sense of humor made a huge difference in my stress level. I would definitely recommend her to anyone! Marie Estes

Thank you Regina for everything that you have done for us. As usual, you go above and beyond…and help guide us every step of the way. Winston and Cortney Fitzhugh

We are absolutely loving the home! Kennedy really enjoys having a yard to play in and that back patio has been great for grilling out. Thank you so much for all the time you spent in helping us find our home! Jessica Wolfe

Ms. Ambrose is one of Atlanta’s top real estate professional. My wife and I will be happy to highly recommend her services because she has no problem giving 100% and more to her client. No one could ask for a better agent. Davis Family

I am writing in reference to Regina Ambrose and her abilities. We relocated to GA and had no knowledge what so ever of the housing market. Regina Ambrose guided us, as to locations, homes and all the elements we should be aware of. She represented our interests even when it was detrimental to her profits; her integrity is flawless, as well as her knowledge of all things pertaining to her profession. She absolutely surpassed all expectations and experience we had ever had with a realtor in the past. Regina is who my son is choosing to work with when the time comes to purchase his home and should we ever sell this home and purchase another, I know that she will be their greatest advocate and ensure that their investment is a sound one. Sheryle Smith

Regina is very patient and observant. Sean Walker

Regina just recently helped us purchase our new home. As a buyer, Regina is the person you want working on your behalf. She gets things done, is always available and makes you feel like you are her only client. We still lived out of state while Regina worked feverishly to get us a house but not just any house, the house we wanted. She took our criteria of what we were looking for and never one time asked us to settle for less. She also made sure that we were ALWAYS informed of anything and everything at all times. She explained everything along the way and if she wasn’t not sure of something she found out right away. Regina is definitely a Realtor that we would recommend. I couldn’t imagine having gone through this process without Regina’s knowledge and tenacity working on our behalf. Valerie & Keno Simmons

Repeat customer – Regina did a great job helping me purchase 2 homes as well as sell a home. She was extremely proactive and would not let anything hold up a sale or purchase. Wes Bryan

Regina just recently helped us purchase our new home. As a buyer, Regina is the person you want working on your behalf. She gets things done, is always available and makes you feel like you are her only client. We still lived out of state while Regina worked feverishly to get us a house but not just any house, the house we wanted. She took our criteria of what we were looking for and never one time asked us to settle for less. She also made sure that we were ALWAYS informed of anything and everything at all times. She explained everything along the way and if she wasn’t not sure of something she found out right away. Regina is definitely a Realtor that we would recommend. I couldn’t imagine having gone through this process without Regina’s knowledge and tenacity working on our behalf. Laura Jackson

Regina did a wonderful job helping us find a home. She gave us good, credible feedback about the areas we were looking in and what to expect with our given price range and requirements. When a deal was struck she made sure to advise us at every step, what to expect and what to do next. Regina was professional and courteous all through the entire negotiation process, all the while looking out for our best interests. We, my wife and I, consider Regina to be a member of the family now, after the purchase went through. We plan on referring anyone who mentions buying a home in GA to speak with Regina. Respectfully, Justin Swann

“Regina recently sold my house for me. I would recommend her to anyone who’s in search of a real estate agent. She’s very knowledgable and really knows what she’s doing. The best thing about Regina to me was how much she really cares about her clients. It was very evident she wanted what was best for me and never pushed me to do anything. She gave me all the information I needed to make educated decisions, and was always respectful of my choices. Thanks, Regina!” Kate Caldwell

Regina was great to work with since she would take care of things even before I knew what I needed so it made selling the house so much less stressful as I didn’t have to worry about anything. Lisa Gearhart

Regina helped my husband and I purchase our first home. Being new to the home buying process, she was very patient, never pushy, and most importantly listened to our needs and wants. She has great insight into the process from home searching to working with lenders. I highly recommend Regina and will defiantly be contacting her when we’re ready to upgrade.  Jessica Wolfe