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Atlanta sees construction increase despite nationwide downturn

Atlanta made it to the top four spot in an analysis by of cities that are predicted to be boom towns for new construction this year. The piece used data from a February 2019 report from the Census Bureau showing which cities doled out the most residential building permits. Overall, the Read More

Five Simple Ways to Cut Your Water Bill in Your House

reducing you We could all do a little more to curb our water usage, whether we’re motivated by concern for the environment or a desire to shrink our water bills. Here are five places around the house where you could save some water: 1) Washing machine. Many machines allow you Read More

Buying real estate – get an inspection or not?

As part of the home search process, after looking at many houses, you may find one that that you like. How do you determine objectively whether you should make an offer and how much to offer? How do you know what kind of offer makes sense? The answers to these questions will be Read More

Village at Deaton Creek

Nestled in the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, just 40 minutes from Atlanta, Village at Deaton Creek is a Del Webb community with resort-style amenities and a fabulous line-up of social activities. Homebuyers who choose to settle in this spectacular community can enjoy the spacious clubhouse, fantastic amenities and Read More