Atlanta Georgia Celebrated Atlanta Falcons Stadium

The Atlanta Falcons celebrated their 50th season this year, and coincidently their last in the Georgia Dome. When the Dome was opened in 1992, it was the largest covered stadium in the world by capacity. Fast forward to the present and Atlanta is at it again, and the timing for Mr. Arthur Blank could not be more perfect. Some will say a losing tradition does not justify building a new stadium. However, with this year’s success much of those naysayers have been silenced. What better way to open the new stadium by unfurling a banner that reads, “Super Bowl Champions”. 

The estimated cost of the stadium is $1.5 billion to be completed over a 37 month period. Private funding will cover approximately 70-80% of the stadium’s construction costs. The remaining 20-30% of the cost of the new stadium will be publicly funded by the existing hotel-motel tax, which is paid by visitors.

The stadium will hold 71,000 people and feature a state-of-the-art panoramic scoreboard wrapping around its entirety. Let’s hope that the 63,800 square foot scoreboard (the largest in the NFL) will be filled with Matt Ryan touchdowns and Vic Beasley sacks.

As a stated goal from the outset, Mercedes-Benz Stadium is reimagining the fan experience. The fan-first menu will allow a family of 4 to consume the typical game-day purchases for $28 or less. These new prices will be the lowest of any major team sports in 2017. Pricing examples include $2 non-alcoholic beverages with unlimited free refills, $2 hot dogs, pretzels, and popcorn, and $5 domestic beers. The pricing and product offerings will be the same for concerts, conventions and other special events.

The Stadium is sure to generate enormous revenue for the city of Atlanta from the variety of events it will host, including the 2018 College Football Championship, the SEC Championship, the NCAA Final Four in 2020, and the Granddaddy of them all (sorry Keith Jackson), the 2019 Super Bowl. To put the potential economic impact for Atlanta in perspective, last year’s Super Bowl (played in Glendale, AZ) produced a gross economic impact of $719.4 million for the entire state.

The beloved Georgia Dome will be torn down prior to 2018. In its place will be much needed parking for all the fans sure to fill the seats of Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz Stadium. For all the Falcons fans out there, I hope you RISE UP Super Bowl Sunday and cheer on the Falcons next year as the open Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

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