There’s nothing like a strong stream of hot water beating down on your body after a long day. But did you know that if your water pressure is too high the solenoids (electric valves) on your clothes washer, dish washer, ice maker and the valves in your toilets are all working too hard to control the flow of water? And the washers in your all your faucets will be affected as well. Your water heater will expand and contract and the glass/resin lining inside will crack. All these devices will start dripping and fail and you’ll have a flood-always in the middle of the night or some inopportune time!

A $10 water pressure gauge from your local hardware store can tell you how high your pressure is. Take your measurement at the rear hose bib or the cold water connection at your clothes washer. The pressure will be the same at all your fixtures, so measuring at just one place will suffice. The front hose bib will usually only give you a measurement of the city pressure that is coming into your house here in Ga.

In your house there should be a water pressure reducing valve (PRV).  A new one will fix your pressure issues and prevent untimely and costly repairs. Taking time now to find out what your pressure is will probably let you sleep more soundly.

Find out what your pressure is and call me with any questions you might have.


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