Selling your Home; Smartest for your Money

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You’re probably wondering which projects are smartest for your money. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home anytime soon, you might want to consider what projects will help out when you do decide to move.

According to a recent analysis, there are some easy answers. For example, though kitchens are one of the more important rooms in the house, they aren’t necessarily the best place to start upgrading. Because they’re so central to the way we live, they also involve a lot of individual preferences. Potential buyers may not agree with your choices. Since it’s an expensive job that may not help lure buyers, it doesn’t offer much bang for your buck. You might love a kitchen with new granite countertops and top-notch appliances, but a prospective homebuyer who doesn’t cook much might not be swayed by such features.

A better route is to go with exterior projects like landscaping or new paint. Since they’re on the outside, they make a good first impression. They’re also less expensive but go a long way, and so does a modest bathroom update. Replacing the toilet, tub, sink, and fixtures can make your home more appealing to buyers and won’t break the bank.

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